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Who is Agent Eric Lassard?

Who is Agent Eric Lassard?

Hi Guys, Agent Eric here!

I am a kind of “Peter Pan”, like my mother likes to call me; the “Peter Pan” of the 21st century.

 Peter Pan wanted to learn to fly, and he was determined to face all challenges and to go for any adventure to fulfill his dream.

I am the same! Since I was five years old, I always knew, that we live in the matrix of all possibilities, and all we have to do is to find the CODE. 

Did not take long to discover that the CODE was there all times in the letters of the word CODE.

Create Opportunities to  Develop and Elevate!

This might sound a little bit complicated, but the truth is that it is simple!        

In the last five years, I enrolled myself in a fantastic adventure, Soon after that day I started to meet other “Peter Pans”.

 So I thought that we should create a place where we can come together and “CODE” /“Create Opportunities to Develop and Elevate!”/

First I was thinking to set it up in a tree house,  then in a big house,,,, but soon I realized that any house it would be too small as we are so many “Peter Pans”.

Took me a few years figured out that that place is already here called the INTERNET, and all we have to do is to set up our space on it.

Few years work later; I traveled across a pond from country Ireland to the USA, and I found Agent Kim, who was the Tinkerbell of the 21 st century.

In a few hours after we met, we knew that we need to stick together and createDragonzland, the land of all possibilities. 

The land that will change the world will help you learn better, to achieve your dreams no matter your age and to feel safe in a non-competitive environment

.Definition of Dragonlzland : a place where you can bring your idea, that is your egg, place it into the nest and hatch it, grow it and when you are ready to fly you are free to fly.

I invite you to join the platform with no obligations and start placing your eggs, or helping others to hatch their eggs because just like in Peter Pan, together we can learn, do and conquer the word. 

See you in Dragonznest!

Sign up today at!

Thank You - Agent Eric Lassard