Online Safety – It Starts With You

Since the beginning, Kids Edu's made online safety a priority - we believe all our users should know how to stay safe online.

Be Cool Online — Respect Others

Treat people how you 
want to be treated
Avoid words that might offend others
If you wouldn't say it out loud, don't say it online

Kids Edu is Committed to Safety

There are filters to help block inappropriate chat
There are tons of crazy emotes to help express yourself
Be Heard Online — Speak Up

If you see anything you're not comfortable with, tell someone you trust right away
Don’t share personal info with anyone
Make sure your parents know what you're doing online


There are moderators around the clock to help keep you safe
If someone’s breaking the rules, Let the us know our Admin know we will get back right away!

Protect Personal Info

Keep your name, age, address, phone number, and school top secret
Only share passwords with parents - don't even tell your best friends!
Pick usernames that don't give away personal info

To keep safe,
Moderators approve all usernames